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Dynaudio Emit M30 5.1 Home Theatre Speaker Package
[Emit M30 5.1]

Dynaudio Emit M30 5.1 Home Theatre Speaker Package

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Dynaudio Emit M30 5.1 Home Theatre Speaker Package

Dynaudio Emit M30 Floorstanding Loudspeakers
The Dynaudio Emit M30 High-performance 2-way floorstanding loudspeaker offering remarkable value for money.
The Dynaudio Emit M30 new entry level floorstanding loudspeaker is a true powerhouse and offers and the finest value of any loudspeaker in its class.
The Dynaudio Emit M30 is the entry level Dynaudio floorstanding model and similar to the other models in the new Emit range, its exceptioncal performance capabilities and icredible value proposition ensure that is is without peer in its price class. The Emit M30 has a relatively compact footprint, while the sound quality yielded by its driver complement, comprised of a 28mm soft dome tweeter and dual 17cm diamtre MSP (magnesium silicate polymer) mid/woofer with huge 75mm diamtre lightweight aluminium voice coils belies the relative modest proportions.
The Emit M30 boasts authentic Dynaudio technologies and delivers the true high-end sound quality that Dynaudio has become famous for. Exceptional power handling, incredible imaging, powerful dynamics, impressive bass extension and extremely low distrortion charactisie the performance of the Emit M30. A Smooth, natural high frequency performance is ensured by the reowned Dynaudio soft-dome tweeters while the precision tuned bass relex cabinet enable the dual MSP woofers to realise their optimum performance capabilities and ensures a class reference bass response.
Dynaudio Emit M15 C Centre Speaker
The Dynaudio Emit M15C centre speaker is the ideal complement to an Emit home theatre set up. Ultra-compact centre channel loudspeaker combining ease of integration with a high level of sound quality.
The Dyanuadio Emit M15C centre is an ultra-compact centre channel loudspeaker combining ease of integration with a highly refined sonic character. The Dynaudio Emit 15C Centre channel loudspeaker offers a combination of compact dimensions, making it relatively easy to position and the same advanced Dynaudio technologies incorporated into the new Emit series models. While the extremely refined mltichannel systems can be configured from various comvbinations of Dynaudio Emit series models, which deliver true high-end sound quality and represent the greatest level of value in the price category.
The Emit 15C delivers a natural midrange character, exceptionally detailed and clear high frequency reproduction and incredibly low distortion. The same sonic characteristics of the other models in the new EMit series. Its driver compliment is comprised of a 28mm soft dome tweeter and dual 11cm MSP (magnesium silicate polymer) mid/bass drivers. The M15C seamlessly integrates with any of the models in the Emit series to delvier a perfectly homogenous sound across all channels.
The high-grade crossover components and 4-6ohm impedance of the M15 C make it easy to drive for any amplifier or AV receiver. The Emit M15C is supplied with a detachable metal plinth that facilitates angling the speaker's dispersion upward or downward towards the listening area.
Dynaudio Emit M10 Bookshelf Speakers
The compact model of the Emit seires, Emit M10, is ideal for small to medium rooms or any application where space is limited. Its small size also allows for easy and discreet placement on a bookshelf.
The M10 is the most compact model of the new Emit range and the perfect entry to the world of high-end audio. The Dynaudio EMit M10 offers authentic Dynaudio technology and performance at the most attractive price point. It features a 28mm diametre soft dome tweeter and a 14cm diametre MSP (Magnesium Silicate Polymer) mid/bass driver, mated to a 1st order crossover utilising high-quality components throughout.
The M10 remains an incredibly easy to drive loudspeaker for virtually any amplifier, as it features a 6ohm impedance. The expertly turned bass-reflx cabinet enusres that a most impressive low frequency performance is achieved, expecially for a speaker of such relatively modest porportion.
As the entry into the workd of true high-end sound quality and authentic Dynaudio performance, the EMit M10 is an ideal compact loudspeaker at a most appealing price point.
Dynaudio Sub 250 II Active Subwoofer
The Dynaudio Sub 250 II is the most compact subwoofer and the ideal solution for us in home theatres, stereo systems and subwoofer/satellite systems, where only a modest sized subwoofer would fit.
The Dynaudio Sub 250 II is equipped with a powerful 200 watt amplifier and long-throw 24cm woofer in a compact sealed-enclosure design.
The combination of its long-throw woofer design, large 100mm voice coil and the cone made from Dynaudio's own MSP (magnesium silicate polymer) material enables the Sub 250 II to deliver deep, yet precise and detailed bass that perfectly matches the sonic character of the Dynaudio main speakers. An ideal match between the main speakera and the subwoofer is the most overlooked part in a subwoofer-enhanced system, but the sub 250 II blends in seamlessly, bringing more substance and depth to any Dynaudio two-channel or surround setup.
Together, the sealed cabinet enclosure, the cubic shape, the rigid MDF contruction and the forward firing woofer, oofer remarkable bass precision and make the Sub 250 II easy to position in any room.
Bass performance can be further enhanced by using a multi-sub configuration with two or more subwoofers in parallel. For this use, the Sub 250 II is equipped with a "slave" function, whcih by-passes all settings on the rear and adapts the settings from a "master" subwoofer. By positioning multiple subwoofer in a room, the bass is generally more evenly dispersed, thus effectively improving the overall sound quality of the system. Two or more smaller subwoofers can even result in an unltimately superior bass performance that that achieved via one large subwoofer.
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