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Tannoy Revolution XT Mini Bookshelf Speakers
[Revolution X]

Tannoy Revolution XT Mini Bookshelf Speakers
Tannoy Revolution XT Mini Bookshelf Speakers 
Exquisite sound and style come naturally to the Tannoy Revolution XT Mini speakers
Tannoy's famous dual concentric design for total accuracy
The Revolution XT Mini speakers make excellent use of Tannoy's famous Dual Concentric drive units. By placing the tweeters within the throat of the main woofers, the speakers offer a single point source for crucial high and mid-range frequencies. The result is a consistency and realism of sound and incredible spaciousness for such small speakers.
Innovative drive unit design
The tweeters are new PEI domes with Torus-Ogive WaveGuide technology. The waveguides offer smooth treble extension and pin-point precison. The woofers' feature new Omnimagnet technology. This gives superior cone control for a more precise mid-range response.
Solid cabinets
As well as the exceptional drive unit quality, the Tannoy offers innovative cabinet design. The trapezoid-shaped cabinets not only look good but also improve sound quality by countering internal standing waves. This reduces distortion, for a less 'boxy' sound quality. Heavily braced and highly rigid, the Revolution XT Mini speakers offer low colouration and realism of sound like few others at their price.
Micro-sized flexibility
These sub-mini sized speakers are exceptionally versatile. You can use them in a complete Tannoy Revolution XT surround sound system as rear and effect speakers or in a 5.1 Revolution XT system with XTC Centre and Tannoy subwoofer. Alternatively, such is their ability, they also work brilliantly in a small room or on a desktop as stereo speakers.
Luxurious finish 
With a choice of Espresso Dark Walnut or Medium Oak, real wood veneers, the XT Mini speakers are equal in finish to many more expensive speakers. The hand-treated veneers are finished to the same exacting standards that Tannoy demands of its premium models and world-renowned Prestige series. Tannoy's typical attention to detail also extends to magnetic grille attachment, an etched trim ring and even 'Tannoy' branded bolt heads. Everything about them is first-rate.
ConnectionsConnection Featuresclose
Bi-wireable Separate earthing for bass and treble - when used with bi-wirable cable gives a more precise soundYes
General Features
Magnetically Shielded Are they magnetically shielded? Allows speaker to be placed near a CRT TV/Monitor or sensitive magnetically stored data without the risk of damage.No
Sensitivity (dB) The higher the figure the easier it is to drive - meaning that a less powerful amp may be used88
Impedance (ohms)Resistance. A standard figure is 8 ohm. Figure halves when doubling the number of speakers8
Power Rating (Watts)Maximum power output long term/short term (RMS)50
DimensionsSize of speaker cabinet excluding any feet or binding posts (H x W x D) mm.272 x 152 x 199
WeightWeight of each speaker in KG.3.7
BlackDoes this speaker come in a black finish?No
WoodDoes this speaker come in a wood or wood style finish?Yes
Other ColoursDoes the speaker have another coloured finish?No
Freq Response (Hz)The lower the first figure the deeper the bass should be68 - 52,000
Speaker Enclosure TypeType of speaker enclosure. Infinite baffle cabinets are sealed and so are often less fussy about placement. Usually they do require a little more power to drive, though. Bass reflex speakers are usually more efficient than infinite baffle designs but may require more care in terms of placement. Rear port designs, in particular, usually need at least 15-30cm (6 - 12 inches) between them and the wall behind, for a balanced bass response.Bass reflex - rear port


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